The New Eco-friendly, All-Natural BBQ

EcoGrill.UK is the new eco-friendly alternative to disposable BBQs, bringing a new age in one-stop outdoor cooking.

Each EcoGrill is made from 100% sustainable natural Alder wood and natural, untreated Alder charcoal. No chemicals or additives.

All products are FSC Certified.

Alder wood has been used for centuries for smoking foods and the untreated, chemical free, natural charcoal gives a fantastic flavour to any food and doesn’t irritate the eyes like chemically treated coal.

The ECO-light up element is very easy to use, one match will start the process.

Ready in min 20 mins with an amazing 2 to 2.5 hrs cooking time.

Use any suitably sized grill (min 20 cm in diameter) for direct food, or pots and pans fit directly on top.

Burns away to nothing and just enjoy the heat.

For further details email or Call 01503 232815